The Medieval villages route offers us to know, from the train, the small medieval towns that make up a network of idyllic landscapes where you can get lost all year round.

We leave the old quarter of Pals, where the train stop is located, running through some small and charming streets from the village on the train. The journey that takes us to the municipality of Peratallada, lasts about 15 minutes. We are going to discover the geographic and historical environment throughout the trip..

We make a first stop at Peratallada, one of the most important medieval city centers of Catalonia, to make a small visit on foot through the streets and corners of the village. We go by the most important buildings, the church, the castle, the main square with its fabulous archs, the moat, and many other pieces that transport us to another age.

The Xiulet will wait for us, to continue this trip in the time to make another stop at Palau-Sator. The trains leave us just in front of the main entrance to the fortified enclosure and we make a second walk around to discover its history. We will climb up to the Tower of the Hours so as to enjoy the views of the Montgrí and all the valley. This place, which preserves intact the personality of the most traditional region, and only the big clock reminds you that time has not stopped.

To end the trip, we will take the train to return to Pals. This trip takes about 15 minutes approximately and will allow us to see part of some rice fields that are along the way and some farmhouses that will bring us to the heart of the village of Pals.

→ Timetable: Subject to reservation

→ Duration: 1h. 45 min. approx.

→ Price: € 6.00 children and € 12.00 adults.

→ Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French.


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